How The Law Of Probability Keeps The Rich Richer & The Poor Poorer

A growing concern in America these days is the health of the middle class. The wealth gap has continuously been expanding for over a decade, and has been the main topic of political debates for as long as I can recall. This isn’t a post about who which side of the isle is right, who should be taxed what, but rather an explanation of why basic statistics allows for people with more money to grow their wealth faster than those with less money.

Are Gen-Z Influencers Causing a Crypto Bubble?

Cryptocurrency has seen massive volatility for most of it’s existence, especially the past few months. The potential gains are very enticing for investors of all ages, but I am concerned about the younger generations being led down a dangerous past that we have seen time and time again. With younger adults receiving most of their news and investing tips through social media, the power that “influencers” wield can carry serious weight when it comes to the long-term effects of the economy, especially regarding cryptocurrencies.